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Can you remember the first one you went to?

Mine was Play Misty For Me starring Clint Eastwood. My older sister and her boyfriend took me to it. I was probably 15 or 16 when I saw it. The song 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" was in it and somehow my mom knew that, too, and asked me what was going on when the song was played. Um. I think I downplayed the scene a bit.

Jaylee53 gets the credit for this question. Thanks.

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Can't remember the name of it, but the the star was Jayne Mansfield....
How do we do "Kudos"???
That was a verbal one sweetie...haven't tried the new way....
Jayne was very hot...BTW
She was in that movie...for sure...
I tried clicking on the vibes thingy and of course my computer immediately locked up....
You're welcome, Jaylee. (verbal kudo #2)
I don't recall the first one in a theater. I do remember going over to a friend's when I was 14 or so, he'd located his father's 8mm porn collection. We watched 3 or 4. It was pretty boring after the first one. All those mustaches and black socks and not much story or originality.
Uh, maybe that one was an "X"? LOL Perhaps someone else will start that topic.
Sorry, I just took it as restricted audience.
OK, now that you've clarified it for us "kids", I remember my first R rated movie. My brother and I snuck in to see "Excalibur" after we saw another movie that we paid for. (I have no idea what that was.) My mother was mortified when she found out what we had seen. Semi-nudity and mild sexual content. I loved it.
Not sure which one was first, but I do remember being coerced into going to several questionable titles - A Clockwork Orange, Midnight Cowboy, and Emanuelle, to name a few...I just remember being sick over how violent Clockwork Orange was, and wondering how far we had to go to get to that state of affairs...That movie probably wouldn't even raise an eyebrow today.




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