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Can you remember the first one you went to?

Mine was Play Misty For Me starring Clint Eastwood. My older sister and her boyfriend took me to it. I was probably 15 or 16 when I saw it. The song 'First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" was in it and somehow my mom knew that, too, and asked me what was going on when the song was played. Um. I think I downplayed the scene a bit.

Jaylee53 gets the credit for this question. Thanks.

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Goldfinger, the advantage of having a brother work at the drive in.
How long did it take to find a working speaker? That was part of the thrill of drive-ins.
This reminds me of my good Catholic mom and the Los Angeles Diocese newspaper "The Tidings".... Inside the movie sections, the movies were rated. James Bond Movies received the worst possible rating, which was "condemned". Mom wouldn't let me see any condemned movies, of course I snuck into a few with my little Catholic buddies. By the time I saw the Bond movies, I appreciated them for their campiness and not their coolness like my peers thought.,,, Oh Ya the Catholic organization that rated the movies was called "The Legion Of Decency".........
I don't know what that means. Am I not old enough? That's kind of cool.
I think M is for mature audience..........
Bragging are ye?
Okay, I thought that might throw a few. For you younger folk, M back in the day was today's R. So what was your first R, Kain, trr and Jack?
The 1st one was : SHE. 1965 with Ursula Andress. I was all of 12. It was thrilling!
Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

"Try to keep your clothes on too. There aren't many more sickening sights in this world than you with a couple of drinks in you and your skirt up over your head..."
The first one I went to was "Summer of '42" back in 1972.
[sigh] Well, back when I was a teenager, they were rated 'R'.

My first R-rated movie was "The Hollywood Knights" with Tony Danza. My mom was shocked that her "baby" had gone and seen "something dirty"- and that I was with a boy when I saw it! Lol!
Hey Ubu!!! Thanks for the kudo!
Mine was 'Barbarella'. My mom took me! I took it all in and she probably didn't get any of it! She was sweetly naive that way!




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