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I'll say what I like, then you say what you like

Pine trees, and walking in flip flops.

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I like puppies and kittens, they are soft and cuddly.
I'm with Wendy on the rain thing. Love to hear it on my tin roof. A few years back my mother and I would jump in her Bronco and find a wide open space ( S.Western Idaho) and sit in the truck and enjoy the storms. Just kicking back and enjoying the lightning and the rumbles.
I love the rain. It is soothing
The cat purring under my chin when I'm all cozy in bed and happy.
I like cheeses and crackers
Sunday morning sleep in...snuggling
*You know what I like*.......:-)
A cold glass of beer after sanding all day.
a nice dip in the pool after a hot day
a few cold beers after work on a hot day
a nice sunset at the end of a busy day




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