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Come on, word nuts, let's keep it going! The old thread is gone, long live the new one!

*Yep, it's a mystery; the second time it's happened... ooooOOOOOoooooOOOOoooo... but they can't stop us!*

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Morning Tabitha

Milky Way
Hershey's chocolate bars

Morning Pickle. Are you expecting snow (like we are)?
No snow here, thankfully. In the 40's and sunny.

Zagnut Bars

Ours isn't here yet, but two different storm systems are on their way. Goody, goody!!
Crunch Bar

Hi Tab and PA
Heath Bars

Morning Red. How is Superman doing this morning?
Butter Finger

Superman is GREAT today.
Baby Ruth

That's wonderful to hear. Can you maybe change our weather pattern a bit so the snow disappears until next year?
Morning Red

5th Avenue
Almond Joy




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