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Or not, it depends, of course, on whether you have HBO or not on cable. But then again if you do care for variable seasons, swords and complicated relationships with people who wear leather or sometimes nothing, then the HBO series, Game of Thrones, could be for you.

Tonight's the being of the third season of the this fantasy world's video telling of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series of books. So far, we are into a few thousand of pages of the novel where Westros is in turmoil and civil war lead by the Stark and the badies, the Lannister's, backed up with all sorts of ancillary characters that will exhaust what is left of English actors to fill out the story that has about five books to go, assuming that is where Martin leaves us.

And yes, there are riveting characters, some that are no long with us. But of those that remain, certainly Tyrion Lannister makes his role as a dwarf the biggest role if not the best lines in the entire show. Of course there are others, such as; Arya Stark who has to deal with gender assignment problems, Cersei Lannister who had to deal with parenting issues, Robb Stark who has let his heart override his senses, Jon Snow who has to try to stay alive and yet be a traitor, then there is Hodor who doesn't have many lines but does have to carry on, carry on with the escape of Bran Stark who is on the run, sorta of, from everyone and then there is the strange relationship between Brienne and the Kingslayer...and oh, yes, blondes with dragons...

So many people, so little time...and so much blood, scenery and treachery...and expensive
too, at about $4.5 million per episode.

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