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When referring to these creatures as food, we call fish fish, chicken chicken, goat goat, duck duck, ostrich ostrich, turtle & tortoise turtle & tortoise... why do we call cow beef & hog pork? Why don't we say, "That cow off the grill was great!" or "May I have another helping of that hog roast?"

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I dunno....this seems like the kind of question those Texan guys would be able to answer.
(we allow guys from Texas on this site?)
I didn't know that. I may have to reconsider my membership here ;(
Ya know, us Texans could take over the world should we so desire........we're just not ready yet.
Which reminds me...

Why does the state of Texas have it's own power grid?
The rest of the country is divided in two...each having a power grid, but Texas has it's own.
What are y'all doing down there anyway?
We're BIG.....we basicly do as we please...
Just remember Bob that without Tennessee you would be living in Mexico.
Would you be referring to the gallant Tennessee boys that fought at the Alamo?
And, by the way, if you take a hard look around it still looks like Mexico......but we're used to it down here.
I would more be referring to Sam Houston who actually won a battle.
Uh.....don't diss the Alamo. Without it Houston wouldn't have caught Santa Anna at San Jacinto.
Many Tennessee boys died at the Alamo including Davy Crocket.
My answer to your question is...I don't know.

Is gender an issue? Sows versus hogs. Calfs versus cows... And, what is "steer"? Is that just a Texan name for cows [forgive me, I am a city girl]

And, I don't call fish fish...I call it trout or shark or tuna or bass.
And, do you lump all sea creatures into the "fish" category? Do you include lobster and shrimp and scallops and such into that same group? Just wondering.




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