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I find this happens a lot in the dating scene.

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Sidney, I would guess you are asking why people don't call when they say they will. Or agree to something that they have no intention of doing. Etc. Etc.

I think it is because they don't want to appear disagreeable to their new friend.

But, for what it's worth, it isn't only in the dating scene. Friends, spouses, lovers, kids, coworkers, will all say whatever you want to hear, when it is obvious they don't mean it.

Now why? I have no real idea, and like you, I find it really irritating. I have learned to call people on their answers too. So when someone says to me "Let's get together next Saturday; I'll call some people and we'll go out to eat.", I will, depending on the person, say "We aren't going to do that" or "That's not going to happen."
Wait for the right person to show up.
Either they are attracted or they aren’t.
I blame the corporate legal system . . .
That's what people do in scenes: act.

Otherwise they'd call it the 'dating reality'.

I'm a naked physicist crazy over roulette.

Thanks for painting that picture in my head. (not)

I should have posted that in the boredom thread.




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