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Where do you live? Why? Were you born there? Did you move after college or after meeting someone wonderful? Did you move to take a job? Do you like where you live? Would you move if you could? Why can't you?

I think it would be fun to know why we live where we do.

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And PG we all here love you wherever you are when you login.
You said it Jersey Girl - and we both know there's nothing like a Jersey Girl :)
And Jersey's the only state that can stand on its own without the "New" - try it with the others - York, Hampshire, etc...it doesn't work. We are special, and we know it.
We won't mention the oxycontin rings and political/religious corruption...LOL
Hey Aggie, You are a East Coaster and I am a West Coaster. Whats better, the Right Coast or the Left Coast?
Moved to Las Vegas from California because I wanted to own a house instead of a condo. Met Steve. Couldn't be happier. Can't move because we can't afford it right now. As soon as possible, though, we're outta here!
Sometimes, I really wonder.




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