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Since Kevin has left us I will start this back up with two of our favorite beauty's, SandraDee and Ivy Doolittle.

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Lol, HEART, I get it, Duh.
Another one of Red Jr. Damn, I wish I still looked like this.

I don't think I ever looked this good. Red Jr. has been a weight lifter since he was 14 years old.
This boy can PUMP some Iron. No wonder he has never had any problems finding girls.
Hope I don't offend anyone by saying this but -- oh my but he's downright gorgeous. Good work Mom & Dad!!

These two are particularly beautiful to me. Anthony for being his truthful and real self with me ALL of the time. His strength and tenacity and bravery is awesome. Lynda for being that special person who obviously shares many of these same traits. Their separate and now combined adventure in life is a beautiful thing.
Please work it out folks, It's a horrible thing to see mutual friends get into such a quandary.
Beautiful and well said JLS
You are the GREATEST, 1GreatLady!!!

Catherine Zetta-Jones?
Bull and Pru, I really don't think this thread would scare away any new members. Just as tbd1, tbd2 has the same diversity, something for everyone. They're going to look around. If they don't find anything that interests them, so be it. Can't please everybody. Besides, open-minded members are the best, IMO.
Right On, lar!!!! We are just having FUN!!!

"Oh Kevin, where are you?" LOL!




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