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Are they all in jail?

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IRS adits?

survival shelters?

Drinking tea?

Mr King.................

Am I supposed to stop posting?

I like green tea.

darroll and Puppy, am I going to have to separate you two?

my apologies

One lump or two, TeeBub?

I hear Dingo's don't drink green tea.

But I did see Dingo drink hot tea.

It appears they are now busy trying to blame the Oklahoma Tornado on the President. They are desparate to get some political mileage of of something:


Something is going on:
The GOP has not contacted me for a donation and neither has the Tea Party this whole year.
The only people to send me a dun was our local broke hospital and the Lakota Indian School. Blame, Blame, Blame and now someone is also blaming global warming on the Oklahoma mess.




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