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I just got an e-mail from British Interpol, it seems they have found some money that is owed me. I am so lucky that way, people are constantly awarding me prizes, offering me money for do nothing jobs and on and on.

Man, when will these scammers get a clue that we all have THEIR number?

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Why would they stop? Send out a million emails at no charge and get 500 people to respond and rip them off. It could be a good living if you were sleazy enough.
Wow, I recieved a fax from a poor widow the other day who wanted me to help distribute 90 million to charities. I couold keep 10% and only need to send several thousand to cover the lawyers. Lawyers screw everything up.
if it's any consolation we get them here in Britain too but the other way around ,seems everybody's at it lol
when nobody will believe them anymore ;-)




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