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I was just thinking about jobs that people get into because their first (and maybe second and third..) choice didn't work out.


I can't imagine a teenager saying they want to graduate high school and work toward becoming a stripper.


Or a police sketch artist.


What other jobs would you not want to grow up to be?

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Please Lord, I don't want to grow up to have nancy's job!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well BAF... why don't we get in the cage and see how it works out? Best two outta three???
You need to know I have a degree in Master Tickling.
Cat food taster.
Ew, it's bad enough dealing with my own feet.
There is actually a guy in England who works for a pet food company, and his sole job at the factory is to taste cat food so they can tell if the cat food tastes okay. He wife doesn't want to share affection with him because, well, he smells like cat food.
Now that I think of it, I don't suppose that anyone ever plans to be a ticket-sorter at Greyhound, but I ended up doing it for 6 months when I landed in SF, age 20. Got promoted to charter-mileage-counter for two months before I found a real job. WooHoo!
I agree, DD, nothing to do with poop.
It seems like that would really get to you after a while.
a nun.
I don't like little boys enough to be a priest.




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