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I took a trip recently and came across at least 75 pets dead by the side of the road. Aside from the causes and care that contributed to their ending up this way, what, if anything, do rural people do about fluffy or fido lying mangled in a heap not four feet from the driveway?

Vultures? (Highway cafe)

Call the rendering truck?

Bury them yourselves?

Let them rot?

What's the consensus?

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Take the little critter home and bury it in the back yard, then die of a broken heart.
I agree with Darroll
I'm not sure what the protocol is today. It used to be that you stopped, knocked on the nearest door . . .
If it's one of ours, it gets buried in our pet cemetery. If it's a stranger, we just push it off the side of the road with a shovel.
give it to a Chinese restaurant to sauce up for dinner or lunch.
Dont you find counting dead animals while driving a tad ...distracting?
Not at all. I also keep my eyes peeled for birds of interest while driving, especially birds of prey.
I forgot, I have neighbors from Viet nam-and all the stray cats in the neighborhood have disappeared. Please let me call them--they would have a feast--cats or dogs.
LJ, you have that Onion News video on your page, but you "expect better" from us...?
do not call me a racist in your darkest day. These are friends of mind. They are different than I. I eat meat, my daughter does not, she is different. Is that racist?
I said they eat cats and dogs and who are you to say they do not. THEY are from viet nam.
I am Asian so I single out myself, but if it offends you, I apologize. But, before you call me racist, I invite you look at the menu in Chinatown, Manhattan, where I sometimes go to eat exotic stuff. Bare in mind I like to eat pig's blood stew with entrails. Dinugoan is a Filipino delicacy. I was being sarcastic when I made the comment above, but there is much truth to be found in that particular sarcasm. I've seen the most bizarre dishes on the menus there.




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