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I asked a friend this question, and she asked it back, and I thought it might be great to hear everyone else's answer. Mine was running through the rain with my guy. We needed that. How about you?

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take a nap!
Did a couple hours on the boat fishing Saturday with the Mrs. and caught and released a fish. Enjoyable time, had to get a lure out of a tree branch, thanks to my wife's casting skills and almost went swimming.
PARTY TIME! Got to break it in, Mike
Thanks Lynda. I have a new "most fun" today - meeting Spuff! We had a very nice, but too short, time in Chicago this morning. Great fun.
Well......and keep in mind this is not my normal behavior. One of my son's told me I was going around the house getting ready and saying, "This is so stupid."

My only blog I've ever done.
Good for you, Ubu! What a memory for you to keep.
That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you went, and it sounds like you are too. :)
Blood test...the nurse was cute and friendly.
The most fun I have had this week was watching both of me great nephews for several hours. Johnathan 2 yrs, and his baby brother Hayden, about 6 weeks old. Just love them babies!!
Hmmm, Giant grasshopper? Or itty bitty Pru?
Camped out on the river, jug fished, tried out my new hammock tent, caught three 18-20 Pound Blue cats.
White water rafting on the Ocoee Sat. next.
exercise while watching funny movies.




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