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What's for dinner tonight??

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Chicken with tarragon and then I need to figure between broccolli and asparagus.

I will learn to spell brocolli. Broccolli? I will learn. Tomorrow.
Baked potato and warmed up sirloin from the grill the other day.
TSD cooked this evening. Just finished it - so yummy. Italian sausage and red peppers with mushrooms and garlic and red onion and spices. Atop a lovely mound of yellow rice with saffron. Nice. With fresh basil and rosemary and my tiny tomatoes from my tomato trees!
We were both too tired to do much cooking, so I threw together some chicken and noodles and added some just picked sliced tomatoes...now all I need is a catnap
how about air for desert ;-)
I have worked seven nights and no dinner. I am fixing a real meal. Salad, spagatti, meat balls, apple pie and ice cream. I am really hungary
Mild Italian Sausage w/ sauteed purple onions (they're purple, not red); red bell peppers (they're red) and mushrooms with garlic; basil (home grown!) and cherry tomatoes (home grown, again!) and rosemary (more homegrown goodness!) seasoned with black pepper, crushed red pepper, Mediterranean spice and a served over yellow saffron rice.

I see now that my beautiful DZGD has preceded me in this discussion....hmmmm....how funny is that?!!!? That's what I get for not paying attention....HA!HA!HA! Yes a great grand fete it was, with plenty leftover for tomorrow's lunch. Damn, I'm good!!! ;->
And modest TSD. Very modest.
LOL Daz.....biting the hand that fed you?????
No - but spanking the bottom comes to mind!!! /;-D In a GOOD way this time ! Hehehehehe!
That should work. You'll probably get breakfast if you play your cards right.




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