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OK.....The results are in & I have plain old garden variety Cancer in my right breast.....This is not a sympathy thread because I dont even feel sorry for myself nor do I feel angry. What I am is sort of lost as to the avenue I want to take here. I have several choices.

I can have them go in & remove the lump & opt for radiation.

I can have the affected breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have affected breast removed & NOT have reconstructive surgery which would leave me lopsided.

I can have both breast removed & opt for reconstructive surgery.

I can have both removed & remain flat chested.

I am coming up with a big blank when I try to make any decision so.....I am not asking for advise here as I am going to be doing lots of reading & talking to plastic surgeons, people who administer  Radiation or even(possible) Chemo etc. befor I make any decisions. 

I am just curious to what you all think you might do? I am the same curious gal I have always been & I like you all contrary to what some of you may think. I get over stuff really fast & I find most everyone I have ever met on TBD interesting & worth the time of day...That means all of you.

Yeah, I go over the deep end sometimes...WEll, maybe more than sometimes, but I am really easy going & usually opt for a friend request rather than sit in my anger toward people forever.....Not saying that is wrong either....Just saying there are people here who I miss eventhough we dont get along all the time, I miss their companionship....

I have learned so much here. If you think I am a bad girl now, you should have met me when I first came here full of anger.....

It takes time, but with understanding....People grow. The silent treatment works too, but it is a puinishment......I can see through punishment to what is really behind it, so for those punishers out there.......NANANANANANA.

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Caseyjo, I am new here on TBD. Robbie sent me a memo letting me know that maybe I could give you some advice.  I've never had breast cancer, but my mother in law has had cancer in one of her kidneys and has been a cancer surviver for 20 yrs. She is now near 70 yrs. old and very active.  My husband's cousin just had both breasts removed and reconstructed  and she is doing fine.  She looks wonderful and says she feels great, appreciating life more than she used too. My first cousin also had her breasts removed and reconstruction also doing great now and it's been several years since her long battle with the cancer. All three had the kemo.  Kemo reacts differently on different people and it also has something to do with the stage that you're in. All of these had caught their cancers early on and that helped.  Prayer and putting it in God's hands had a lot to do with these cases.  A survey was taken and although I can't remember the numbers in the statistics I do remember the outcome.  People who pray and trust in God heal quicker and have better outcomes as a whole than those who don't have this faith.  I will be praying that you will make the right decision and that the outcome of all this will be in your favor.  Take care and know that God is on your side, we just don't always know his plan fully.

Hugs and kisses, Caseyjo...

Check around to see if any imaging facility in the area (hospital or otherwise), has an open MRI. They are out there, and the claustrophobia becomes a moot point.


Here, My Friend, I found one:

Open MRI of Sanford 

(407) 330-7333

303 W 1st St
Sanford, FL 32771

It had good reviews. If your insurance will cover MRIs, they usually don't care where you do it, although it would be wise to check first. If there's any resistance, tell your physician about your claustrophobia and he/she will probably give 'em a poke for you. It's smarter (from the insurance company's miserly angle) to ensure that you have one good MRI where you are relaxed and still.

This from MRI/MRA-Girl. :>)


Love you!


LOL....You did good Angharad...They are the ones who talked me into a closed MRI.....Now maybe I should re-consider...They told me if I could not tolerate it, they would do a open.....I hope thats true....The actual procedure is done in Altamonte Springs FL...It's good you brought up the ins. part.......I will double check.You are right..Those ins. companies are picky about how many procedures a person can have done in a year....:).......Thanks so much.....K

I think I wouldn't know until I actually had to deal with something like that...

But, given that cancer runs rampant in my family, I'd probably have both breasts removed and have reconstructive surgery...


You know I wonder why they cant do breast reduction of both breasts while they take out the lump....That would give a little extra protection against re-occurring cancer & you would not have to go through reconstructive surgery...It's a thought I will check into..I would really consider going that route (my most comfortable solution so far)......Much cooler in the summertime here in Fl. to have nice small breasts & tiny cooler bras. There is a positive where-ever there is a negative.... even in death its a release of any pain & suffering.

So sorry about the cancer that runs in your family Quinn...I keep reading over & over to keep your body alkaline..I have not done a very good job being I have a tremendous sweeet tooth. Sweets are not good for you....Remember the old saying "You are what you eat'? You are one step ahead of the game quinn so use your wisdome well.....Hugs.....K

Me too Quinn, whatever you choose Caseyjo I hope that you out live us all with an above average quality of life.

If you go the chemo, radiation route , all I can say is eat or drink fluids as if your life depended on it cause it really does.



Hi Casey...I am not ignoring  you. I just don't have the time for TBD and barely have time for facebook. When winter comes I am sure I will be around more often than not. 

I would go for the least evasive treatment and get the results. Since you have had cancer in the past, you might want to looking into food consumption therapy. Stay away from meat preservatives. Mix up healthy shakes.  At this point I have only had skin cancer. 

I have had the MRI, I am claustrophobic but I thought it was annoying if anything. Goodluck!!! And Big Hugs!!!!

Krisit I am being ignored, but not by the people who have not been around...Not by you, never by you. I didnt know where you were, but figured you were busy. Happy to see you & hope to see you more often this winter.

The least invasive treatment involves radiation.....That is where I see a problem...I have thin skin literally, very sensitive......I will be talking to someone about that after the MRI to set my mind at ease...I dont want my sensitive skin fried.......You know I was doing very well drinking fresh fruit smoothies & eating fresh salads made with home-made dressings untill the BF's drug addictions started taking a toll on me & my life started going down hill...I tried & tried & saw no way out. You all know that.......I was sort of giving up.....This is a wake-up call. I saw a ad for a tiny apt. downtown Sanford....Said 500.00 a month pays all...I got the number.......He is now cleaning up his act...guess he sobered up long enough to realize he was helping to kill me & is now getting off his prescription meds.....Cancer & relationships can both kill you if you let them....My Bad. His cleaning up is great, but this is his last chance....I have the # & am going to be keeping my eye out for more......Just scary when you have health issues & dont drive & dont have lots of money....Those can keep a person prisoner in places they dont want to be.


I'm sorry you have to go through this. I'm glad you seem to have a positive, no-nonsense attitude towards your cancer. I'd probably be hysterical. My best friend had stage 0 breast cancer. She has recovered. Another friend wasn't so lucky and died at 36 leaving 3 kids behind under the age of 10. I don't feel comfortable giving medical advice, but I know if it was me, my mother (a nurse) would order me to lop of the afflicted breast. She'd say better safe than sorry. I hope I never have to make that decision. I love my boobies.


Whatever you decide, for the time being, you have to keep your immune system strong so don't stress yourself overmuch until you know for sure what's going one. Take multivitamins or prenatal vitamins. I am leery of chemotherapy, because though it may kill your cancer cells, it also kills the immune system. I don't know if there are any new development in genetic engineering that may help eradicate cancer cells.


I do know that THE ONLY hospital I would trust to deal with any cancer is Memorial Sloan Kettering Center, reknown all over the world. My sister had a cyst in her neck that worried her tremendously. The local doctor wanted to have her slice it off at the operating table. She decided to go to Sloan Kettering and the doctors there gave her a more positive diagnosis. They probably thought her local doctor was crazy.


So when you get all your information together, I seriously suggest you pay a visit to Memorial Sloan Kettering Center.



CaseyJo, I wish you peace of mind  and the strength to get through this. You are a fighter so you'll make it through for better or worse.


I shall be here for you if you need me. If you lived near by, I'd take you in for radiation therapy which is probably something you have to go through regardless of what stage cancer you have. Hopefully for you, it will be just that.






BTW, about the MRI.....I suggest you have a session of REFLEXOLOGY (foot massage by Chinese practitioner) which surprisingly clears one's mind and makes you feel very relaxed. Do it right before your MRI session.




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