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Corruption is live and well.

true statement

We can sure see who our enemy's are. Look who is going after Trump. Religions and people that will lose their golden goose.

Trump IS a golden goose. (More like a golden calf, really...)

He's been sucking off the same corrupt tit as every other rich man for his entire life - He admits that he's bribed officials and others to get things done his way .

Do you actually believe that, once he's in office, he's going to go "Whoops, there that kinda shit is WRONG ! Yessirree Bob, THAT'S gotta go ! No sweetheart deals on MY watch !"

Christ almighty, you're stupid.

If you want to succeed in this country, you have to grease palms.

So, since you're a total failure at life....You're admitting that you're stupid, racist, alcoholic AND broke ?

Do you know the Prez?

Do you know Donald Trump ?

Michelle Obama says ‘White Folks’ are what’s Wrong with America
By AmyElizabeth -
Apr 2, 2016

Look at pussy little darroll change the subject. And you don't even have to click a link.

What is it about Trump that he attracts such fucking cowards, such angry little chickenshits who can't even begin to explain their own stupid beliefs ?

Why does Trump seem so wonderful to idiots who would rather die than accept some blame for the condition of a country that they claim that they run, and that belongs to them ?

The answer is obvious : Trump just tells the laziest, stupidest, whiniest, greediest, most selfish fuckers alive that everything was just fine until the "others" showed up - You know, the "weirdos" and "criminals" with different skin color or different religious beliefs or who were sick of watching the lazy, stupid, greedy, selfish fuckers keep raking in more than they'd earned.

Trump is just showing us who is corrupt.

Big Religion. (2)

Powerful leaders.

Powerful news sources.

It's like Fidel said that the US is the most corrupt nation on this earth and the peasants can't believe it.

They just blame Republicans.

Maybe you guys can figure it out in forty years? Maybe not.




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