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Yep Retarded,

My Mom dropped me on my head when I was a baby.

I did get a 99.9 in computer science. (digital logic)

I see.

This is supposed to impress me, from a guy who bitches that today's schools are worthless diploma mills and only give moron kids good grades so they can get them out the door and not get the teacher's commie union in trouble.

Well, which is it, dumbfuck ? Is your 99.9 a feat of intellectual triumph, or are you just another lazy worthless punk kid who got an unearned easy passing grade ?

Never mind, I know the answer already: YOU'RE Albert fucking Einstein; All the OTHER kids are the bums you bitch about. Yeah, right. Gotcha.

Even if you did get a 99.9 grade - Which I doubt, considering how much you lie on a regular basis around here - So the fuck what ? Does that somehow excuse your being a fascistic racist wino ? No, it doesn't - In fact, it makes you even worse than before, because now you should be smart enough to be a better fucking person than the redneck scumbag you actually are. Shit, I knew dozens of backwoods public-school shitheads who still made it through high school computer classes and got shit jobs doing nothing more than debugging code in the computer division of my last job - They were peckerwood drunks with shithole morals and ethics like you, beer-swilling dirtclods with one skill that they barely understood themselves - So don't try to convince me that you're Bill fucking Gates.

I swear, darroll - You can't even make a halfway-smart defensive argument for yourself; Everything you say just makes you a bigger asshole than you were in the previous paragraph. You think you're smart, but every thing you post proves otherwise.

"Donald Trump isn't a politician", because you somehow know for a fact that he's never made a "backroom deal". Christ, what a goddamn moron. You deserve every thing that Trump's going to do to your dumb ass if he wins. And you won't learn a thing from it. He'll ship your job to China and you'll stand in the unemployment line still blaming Obama for it.


Thank God for affirmative action. They got a score of 105.99 so I got the janitor job.

You're a computer expert, but you couldn't anything other than a janitor job and the only reason was because of affirmative action ?

And you expect anybody to believe that ?

Fuck you, you chickenshit liar.

Affirmative Action is all men are created equal by crybaby and dumb ass rules.

Translated from darroll-speak : "I'm a dumb white fuckhead who was too stupid to actually perform the required duties of a job I thought I was entitled to, so I blame black people and affirmative action."

This crap makes people feel good about themselves.

If you are a dumb ass, study harder.

There are only so many fish in the bowl. (in other words, don't extend yourself past your IQ)

That explains a lot. You're a bitter, incompetent, envious old redneck who can't accomplish anything without special favors being done for you -

So, naturally, you hate the people who CAN do the shit that you can't - The people you used to shit on, and you got away with it. People who are now being treated fairly for the first times in their lives - Which you see as them getting the special treatment that you used to get, the special treatment your lazy, dumb drunk ass can't survive without.

And you blame the people who can't (or won't) cheat and pull strings for you anymore, who can't or won't make exceptions for you - People you probably sneered at even while they were going out of their way to coddle your flabby ass.

Yep, it's all getting clearer now....

People who are now being treated fairly for the first times in their lives <quote>
Are they now paying attention in school instead of stopping the teacher from teaching?
Are they in the classroom instead of rioting in the streets.
Or God forbid, get a job.

Yeah, right - "Get a job". Sure thing.

Just not the easy one your fat ass thought it was entitled to, eh ? These people you hate are only allowed to have the jobs you think you're too good for - Isn't that right ? The shit jobs that trap them in poverty for the rest of their lives.

Fuck you, darroll. Like I said last week - Your biggest problem is that you're a spoiled fucking baby, constantly whining because other people exist in this world who don't give two shits about you and your precious, entitled opinions and selfish expectations.

I don't hate anyone but VC.


I only have one Black that I know. Some walk by and glare at me like I put the screws on them. I look at them and wonder what they are looking to steal. (Their earned reputation.)

Don't scream bloody murder as I tell it the way it is. The cops see them as an enemy and wonder if they are after their job..  I think some need an attitude adjustment.

I know I'm the bad guy guy for telling the truth.

Sorry, I know this not funny anymore.




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