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Can we keep it fun?

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What’s the matter with a club that gets dressed up for Saturday night?

You mean, what's wrong with a bunch of drunk bigots like you that get dressed up for a Saturday night, right ?

Because you sure as fuck don't mean that you think it's okay for people that you don't like to behave as though they have the same rights and privileges as you.

What a depraved little pussy you are, you redneck piece of shit. Heh. I really wouldn't be surprised one day, to see the dictionary updated to include the word "darroll" as a synonym for cowardice, bigotry and stupidity, the way "Benedict Arnold" or "Brutus" are associated with treason and treachery, "Quisling" is associated with spinelessness and surrender, or "Hitler" is associated with the worst the human race is capable of.

Our darroll, of course, would be stupid enough to regard that as some sort of honor or accomplishment on his part - Assuming he's still alive to see it, instead of the greater likelihood that he'd been murdered long before, precisely for epitomizing those despicable flaws....

In fact, I can see the word "darroll" someday being seen as the equivalent of "a miserable dimwit asshole who died a death so embarrassing and humiliating, so completely fitting (considering what a worthless prick he was), that it approaches the poetic. A rare example of karma or cosmic justice coming true."

Like, a KKK dogbreath, in the process of trying to bomb a black church with little kids inside, instead sets himself and his pickup truck ablaze and, being too stupid and cowardly to call the fire department for help, instead drives it to his KKK clubhouse and burns that down, along with all the other members of his particular chapter of pigfuckers; That would be known as "pulling a darroll", or "That dumb shit was a real darroll".

Someone did a study and found no black churches bombed with kids inside.

Wow. "Someone", eh ? What impeccable credentials. I'm impressed.

Well, Someone did a study and found you're a goddamn lying motherfucker. And your mom was a whore. And your dad molested little girls.

Me, I think that's giving you too much credit, but, you know - "SOMEONE" said that, so it must be true.

Typical black people style rambling.

No, no, darroll - It doesn't work that way. See, just because somebody knows that YOU'RE a drunken piece of worthless dogshit, doesn't make THEM "black"; Your assuming that, though, does make you an even bigger piece of racist, drunk-ass, worthless dogshit than you were before. It's like that when your fat flapping mouth is so much bigger than your IQ.

I really don't expect you to understand something as simple as that, darroll, what with you being a wino, bigot chunk of sad-assed talking dogshit, and your mom being a cheap truckstop whore who fed you lead paint chips as a snack and all. Hell, I'm surprised that you can stop jerking off to pictures of outhouse fires and roadkill long enough to put together your pitiful "posts".

It's your choice in life where you want to roost.

I realize you think that post is some sort of witty reply to my post, but it...

Oh, fuck it. Not only does it not apply in any way to my post, but it's not even true. You can't even get your own bullshit straight.

Fuck, you're stupid. So stupid that you really and truly believe you're smart.

The corrupt politicians sure hate to hear a comment from Trump.

Their money pillows might shrink to the size of a hacky sack

Amazing, really, darroll, that you think that Trump isn't a corrupt politician, too.

It's like thinking that Nixon was innocent just because his aides and co-conspirators went to prison, but he didn't.

But then, you're so fucking stupid that you think you're smart. So, there's that.




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