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Can we keep it fun?

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They think money comes from a golden goose.

Native Americans had no need for money.

That's not exactly true - Native Americans had rudimentary currencies, what was called "wampum" -  Although it was kind of as much an act of polite gratitude for making a deal, as it was the exchange of what we think of as "money".

Mostly, Native Americans bartered, but wampum was accepted in certain situations.

Hey, darroll - Are you a member of the KKK -

Or, like Trump, do you just pretend you never heard of it - Which is exactly what most actual Klan members do ?


Some group that likes white people.

If I joined the KKK I would of got fired.

People that join the Black Panthers, do they get fired?


If Trump gets elected we are going to see allot of broke politicians as the money under the table will dry up.

Yeah.  Us white people, We've got it sooooooo tough. It's so unfair.

Christ, darroll....You're a coward and a bigot and as dumb as a fucking stump, but I just realized what's really irritating about you :

You're a fucking whiner. A bitchy little spoiled brat. You've been handed a game that's been rigged entirely in your favor, but you still piss and moan that the other teams are allowed to even play - And you gripe that they have a sense of "entitlement"....

And to top it all off, you expect the other members of your team to feel sorry for your fat, lazy, do-nothing crybaby ass. Like you're the one who's been wronged in all this, just for being expected to be a fucking man and accept that you don't always get your way.

Jeezus christ on a fucking pogo stick. What a useless, selfish baby. Does your mommy still wipe your ass for you, too ?

KKK bad.

Black Panthers good.

I never said that, so you can stop trying to put words in my mouth, you lying little pussy.

You know, the internet is great and all, but we won't really be living in the future until the technology exists that every time a gutless chickenshit loudmouth troll like darroll opens his fat trap or spews another lie, we can simply click an icon and darroll gets kicked in the balls.

I'd pay extra for that. Fuck yes I would.




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