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It makes me wonder why our govment wants to force our ranchers off shore also.

Or maybe they think that they are smarter than the average high school dropout.

The leaders in Oregon want to destroy our state faster than the govment. I have cut brush with a chainsaw and this is really dangerous (OSHA would be proud). It they leave the land alone,  and do not fence it, the cattle and deer. elk will keep the brush under control...

But hell no.

How come you can't talk to idiots? Maybe it's self esteem?

I the old days lightning would cause range fires that cleared brush and renewed grassland prairies. Today roads block natural fires. I do some controlled burns on small areas when govt allows.

The current cow population in Texas is at its lowest point since the 1950's.

"How come you can't talk to idiots ? Maybe its self esteem ?"

You're right, darroll, but not for the reason you think you are.

Well at least they arrested a couple of the Oregon terrorists, both on warrants but they happened to be driving stolen Federal Government pickups (while visiting Safeway stores for yet more snacks). Hilarious, one, a body guard of the Bundy brothers was known as "Fluffy Unicorn".


Laural and Hardy terrorists?

Oregon militia "logic": If I'm an American who pays taxes, then anything that belongs to the federal government is MINE, and I can do whatever the fuck I please with it. Because Jesus or somebody else who isn't even in the Constitution said so.

Note : This rule applies only to big-talking pussies who agree with me. Everybody else who lays hands on federal property is a taker and moocher, but I'm a hero.

Australia is a great country that likes open range ranchers and don't force mormons off their land because they did not vote for this bunch.

Get used to no jobs.

That's very interesting, darroll. We believe everything you post here, darroll. Tell us some other interesting pretty stories, darroll - Like how you got so smart by huffing paint in shop class, and how Mitt Romney and you like to hold hands and go skipping through the daisy fields on Kolob.

I don't like mormons.

Do I care if the US is going to be Detroit? Don't care.

Why is Putin so happy lately? Don't care

Look at Wal-Mart. They gave too many poor people jobs and they got accused of everything in the book.The libs are sure getting even with them. Now our young people can pick up beer cans on the road and bitch about the minimum wage. Don't care as you can't tell them anything anyway. Young people are all libs, thanks to our worthless school system. They think the guvment will bail them out.. wrong ... our leaders (some) have plans for the money, and they don't like to share with non family.

Fourteen more years to go. Oh the wonders of true science.

This is one of the unpleasant side effects of democracy:

The mentally ill have the same access to the internet as anybody else.

Flint, Michigan, where the gasoline is cheaper than the water, and better for your health.




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