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No your mom did.


That's the top-shelf wit we've learned to expect from you, you pathetic dumbfuck.

No darroll for five days...Do you think he's one of those moth-eating morons playing army at the Oregon bird sanctuary ? I think he lives in that neck of the woods, and it DOES seem like something darroll would be stupid and clueless enough to get involved in.

I don't think even those idiots would let darrol have a gun.

A couple of hours ago, some other bonehead claiming to be a "United States Superior Court judge" (He isn't. He isn't even a plain old judge.) arrived at the sanctuary, and they announced that they are about to begin a military tribunal-style "trial" of local officials, and that the rules of the US court system do not apply to them, 'cause they're just so special - They don't have to state any charges, the "accused" are not entitled to a jury of their peers, they are not entitled to legal representation - But whatever these "patriots" decide, it will have the full effect of US law, because they say so or something - Or else they're going to hold their collective breath until they get their way, I guess....

Meanwhile, a REAL judge has assessed the actual cost of this asinine little "occupation" as running a tab of around $70,000 per day - And he's going to sue the Bundys for every penny of it. We'll just see what a REAL court of law says about these stupid goobers - Especially when the very-highly-possible charges of treason are brought against them; Other reporters have said that they've seen the KISS Army using the computers inside the longhouse to look at private citizen's Social Security information...

Hi Chicken Track. Glad you are here and don't get your feelings hurt.

The feds beat the ranchers out of the open range for their cattle.

When the cattle graze they destroy bad weeds.

They have open range all over Oregon for the small ranchers cattle.

Until the feds screw them.

I know it's screw the Mormons time. Put your full trust in gvnment, lame brain.

The feds bought the land, fair and square, It belongs to them - Not to a bunch of crybaby, welching,  greedy "cowboys" who can't survive without pedicures and French Vanilla coffee creamer.

What's it like, darroll ? To be that fucking ignorant, to live so completely in a fantasy so thoroughly that you actually believe that educated, decent Americans admire you and are rooting for you ?

To genuinely believe that you're NOT just a mob of incredibly stupid, macho, moronic assholes who sit and pout when they're not given something that doesn't belong to them, and to really and truly believe that they have a god-given right to kill anybody who says different ?

Did your momma not beat any sense into that empty fucking skull of yours ? Did your daddy beat what little sense you had out of your useless head ? Do you really think that you're smart, or brave, or heroic, or any of the dozens of delusions these clowns believe while they're jerking each other off to Chuck Norris movies ?

Fuck you and your "open range" fairy tale. Who says that you have a decree from god to raise cattle and to get rich by not paying your bills ? So fucking what if your inbred grandpappy got his first piece of ass from a calf behind the barn ? That does not mean that that land "belongs" to you.

You entitled, selfish little brat. Why in the fuck should you get anything for nothing, while calling other people "takers" and "moochers" ? Where is it written that you get to be thieving assholes just because it's "tradition" ?

You had better quit reading lying newspapers.

The ranchers run their cattle on government land and pay the government.

Here come the communists that think everyone should be on the dole and fenced off the open range.

The two ranchers that were sent back to jail for burning weeds were put back in jail after serving their time.

Now the guvment has started destroying the land by keeping the cattle off. Now buck brush will destroy everything.

The ranchers land has become worthless.

Now I wrote my comments by not cussing or name calling (the liberal way). Where is cry baby?

You believe FOX News and right-wing blogs, but you think that everybody else is "lying".

Well...SO FUCKING WHAT if "the gubmint" "ruins" the land ? It's THEIR FUCKING LAND - Which makes it MY LAND, TOO - NOT YOURS, or your fake-ass cowboy revolutionaries.

You piss your Pampers about "ni***rs and Mexicans gettin' free shit" (Even though they don't get anywhere NEAR as much free shit as fat white trash such as yourself), but then you cry like a little girl when your ignorant asshole heroes are expected to pay for what doesn't belong to them. And then you cheer while they cry some more about "socialism", while using free internet and the US Postal Service to beg for, and to then deliver, MORE free shit.

Seriously, darroll - I mean this from the bottom of my heart: Fuck you. Fuck you in the fucking heart. You're just too plain old-fashioned fucking stupid to even grasp how pathetically stupid you are. I know people in prison who have more dignity and integrity and brains than you ever will.

What IS it with you cowardly fake soldiers and phony tough guys, anyway ? Do you love these assholes or something ? Have you been a wretched little nobody all your life, kissing the asses of pricks like them, just so somebody would notice you ?

You've always been much too cowardly to actually serve in the armed forces you claim to admire (Even while you vote in legislators who cut their benefits and services), so you just lie, and strut around like high school jocks and pretend that you're brave and noble vets - Because that's the only goddam way that anybody will ever be impressed with you: If you LIE about yourself.

And now you defend these gutless traitors - And I understated why you do it: Because without them, without their shadow for you crawl in, you're even less than the piece of shit that you already know yourself to be.

I bet that in high school, you were one of those desperate little nobodies who let the school bully treat you like shit, just so he'd keep you around, like a whipped dog on a leash - Because you thought that other people were as dumb as you are, and would be fooled into believing that any anybody who hung around with the school bully must also be a badass. And you're too stupid to realize that anybody who even notices you knows full well what's actually going on, and thinks you're just pathetic.

So that's why you squeal and lick the dicks of such ignorant, thieving liars, darroll: So that you don't have to actually make yourself better - Instead, you can just sit and rot in your proud little hogwallow of failure and play the victim, while you wait for everybody to sink to your level.

It will all be ok.

We will buy our steak from China.

Surprising what flat landers know about open range and cattle grazing.

Funny, how you fucking adore it when white christian Americans gouge other Americans for something, but you're all waah-waah-waah when a foreign nation does it.

I guess it just goes with you being either too chickenshit to answer any of my points, or too stupid to comprehend them. Plenty of both, I expect.

On this day, darroll, I'd like to remind you of something that Dr. Martin Luther King said about worthless, white-trash pigfuckers like you: "There is nothing on earth more dangerous than sincere ignorance and concientious stupidity." - And that's you all over, you asshole.

My family has owned parts of our farm since 1869. My cattle only graze on our land. But now the EPA will require removal of my cattle from some of my land. Price of beef will get much higher. This is a govt land grab without compensation to the owners.

After bi-partisan passage in both chambers of Congress, President Obama vetoed Senate Joint Resolution 22, disapproval of the EPA’s “waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule. National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Philip Ellis said this is a clear indication the President does not understand the role America’s cattle producers, land owners and state governments play in preserving our natural resources.

“We are extremely disappointed the President chose to side with the EPA, which has pulled out all the stops and shown an appalling disregard for the law throughout this rulemaking process,” said Ellis. “In siding with the EPA, the President has ignored the will of Congress, including members of his own party. Moreover, he has taken side against the 32 states, and countless stakeholders who have challenged the WOTUS rule. With Congress clearly showing their disapproval of this rule, the consequences of WOTUS implementation now rest solely with President Obama.”

The Senate voted 53-44 on Nov. 4, 2015, and the House voted 253-166 on Jan. 6, 2016, in support of S.J.Res. 22. Public Lands Council President Brenda Richards said that while the outcome remains certain, the path is now much longer.

“Rather than ditch the rule, the President ignored the tidal wave of opposition to appease the EPA’s radical agenda,” said Richards. “Due to the President’s veto cattle producers, stakeholders, states and ultimately taxpayers are now going to have to spend millions of dollars on litigation to ultimately determine what we already know; the WOTUS rule extends beyond Congressional intent under the Clean Water Act and violates Supreme Court precedent. Once again the regulatory train wreck has landed squarely on America’s rural economy.”

NCBA and PLC filed a lawsuit in the Southern District Court in Texas on July 2, 2015. That litigation will continue. While the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals considers jurisdiction, a temporary nationwide stay on implementation of the WOTUS rule remains in effect.

“Cattle producers need regulatory certainty,” said Ellis. “While the WOTUS rule remains at the EPA, we will continue to pursue litigation and legislation to bring about that certainty. This is a top priority for our members and today’s action shows that we have only begun our fight.”

See more at: http://www.beefusa.org/newsreleases1.aspx?newsid=5554#sthash.loG4rx...




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