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Whether you support this guy:

Or this one:

Can we keep it fun?

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Some people running are funny.

Some people posting aren't.

Should I be sent to boot hill like your pal wants?

Depends on if Santa reads my Christmas list.

Seriously, I wish you no harm darrol, sometimes I just wish you would go away, or at least quit being so obnoxious. Mindy started this thread for people to have fun and GENTLY poke each other about the state of politics in this country. But a long time ago, you decided to make it a soap box for you to post ridiculous and many times hateful statements. NO, I didn't start this, nor did Snagg. YOU are the one that turned this into a cesspool. 

How many bad guys read a science book?

Well, well - Look who's out of the drunk tank.

Still dumb as ever, though. Santa bring you some juicy jailhouse rape, darroll ? You deserve it, but real justice in this world is a rare thing. Oh, well.

Yep - Moms CAN be unrepentant dishonest assholes as much as that one.

Did your mom get paid to pose for that strip, darroll ?




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