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Can we keep it fun?

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What an ignorant old bigot.

I Love life and don't blame anyone. I don't care if we ever get elected to any position.
It's your baby, you rock it.
I only know one black, am I still a bigot.
Keep going on your global warming, you only have fifteen years left. And it's not global warming.

What an ignorant old liar.

Trump makes money off of Democratic blunders. Helping the little guy, sure.


Democrats are not going to tax themselves.

Y'know what I think is funny ?

All of the other GOP clown-car candidates  talk real tough about how they'll kick Putin's ass, or they'll kick Iran's ass, or generally go all Clint Eastwood on any country that so  much as looks at America sideways.

But Trump ? They're scared shitless of confronting him. None of 'em will debate or even appear on the same talk show as him.

This is not because Trump is "right" about anything - It's because Trump's loud-mouthed, "Who-Needs-Facts-?"  kamikaze style will lay bare a lot of the GOP's bald-assed lies and lack of any real ideas about anything.

Yeah, that's what I love about Trump's "candidacy"; He's an embarrassing blowhard fraud, but without even trying, he's already throwing a spotlight on the GOP's true colors. Yeah, Riiiiiiiiiiiight. SUUURRRRREEE you'll show Putin who's boss, you right-wing big talkers - but one of your own ? You hide under the nearest rock every time that grandstanding fuck shoots off his fat mouth. Some brave, ballsy  leaders the GOP are offering up this time around, huh ?

What my friend Snagg said.

We love Putin because he has balls.

How can one argue with the truth? (I guess name calling will slow it down...... with some)

The press is after Trump. Someone will probably come forward and claim he S**it in their mess-kit.


Putin is a mass-murdering, anti-semite and racist, a ruthless tyrant who murders his political opponents and let's his country slide into starvation and anarchy while he lines the pockets of his few close confidantes, as well as his own. A hard line communist, opposed to all human and civil rights and an avowed enemy of the United States -

And darroll wants to lick his balls. Darroll thinks that Putin is the model for a REAL man. And darroll want s a leader just like him, while still considering himself to be a true-blue patriot and a GREAT American.

Note to self: If I ever meet darroll in a dark alley - Kill him. Because he's traitor, and an enemy of the United States, and hates everything it stands for.

As darroll says - "You can't argue with the truth".




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