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Yeah Snagg, I do remember Mistaken Macon. I believe he didn't like you all that much. When I first stumbled upon TBD I thought it was some test bed for cloning neo-nazis and backwards ass-crackers. Macon was one of the elite neanderdoodles. There was another fellow, not quite in Macon's league of dull-wittedness, who went frothy one time over my pissing on him and started hurling insults at photos of my dog. Apparently arguing with humans was just too much of a strain for him. He even sent me his address to come down to 'Bama to fight him.

Out of boredom one day, I googled Macon's name - And, lo and behold, there he was, living in Cebu and spewing his racist trash on a filipino website, bitching about his own neighbors and the locals he lived amongst, bellyaching about their religion and their customs and culture and their personal habits, with the same idiotic belief in his own righteousness and  invulnerability that he smeared all over the pages of the old TBD.

A few years later, after typhoon Haiyan clobbered Cebu, he disappeared; No more ignorant ranting from the evil little scumbag. I can easily imagine him standing out on the beach in the face of the oncoming hurricane, hurling racist and anti-homosexual insults at it in the belief that Pat Robertson would steer it towards San Francisco or something.

Either that, or some locals who were good and sick of his bullshit knew an opportunity when they saw one, and murdered him - And then let the storm carry his foul corpse out to sea, where it could at least serve as food for crabs and the other bottom-dwelling scavengers with whom he shared so many attributes; It was the absolute least he deserved, and probably the most useful he ever was in his entire pathetic life...

Being sucked up in a tycoon was probably Macon's rapture. Now he sits with his idolized version of semi-automatic carrying socialist hating gay bashing republican jesus passing judgement on the 99% of the world that does not subscribe to his warped sense of morality.

I heard one thing that is ok. (Walker)

The States pension fund is fully funded.

Maybe he can talk to SS?

I do like tax cuts for the rich (see above post)

I'm not rich but every time they get a tax break, so do I.

I don't. I don't even file taxes because I don't make enough to file. I'm one of those "takers" you seem to despise so much. I've been on disability for about 10 years, nearly died 4 times, and have been hospitalized at least 25 times in those 10 years. I just wanted to say thank you darrol cause your taxes helped pay for it all. 

I don't care if my taxes go to a person that needs it. How many able bodied people that can work, but they won't?

We have a free food center here for the poor. You should see the fancy cars that leave the place. You would think that they would borrow a clunker to go to the food bank.




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