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Can we keep it fun?

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More like "funny" equals "sickening".

You know why a baby bird gets kicked out of the nest?

Because if they didn't the baby's would never leave.

The difference is that Egyptians don't lie their asses off about what those monuments represent.
...Or pretend that they're the victims in all this.

Do we really want somebody like this sitting in the White House???


Raising the minimum wage just causes inflation.

Companies like Mac Donald's are going to convert to robots to flip burgers.

We give a 20% tip when we eat out. When they go to $15.00 we will leave no tip.

How about the welder that makes $14.00 per hour? He should want a raise also.

I'm not paying some Mexican $15.00 per hour to mow my lawn, they charge $10.00 per hour.

The white/black kids don't do that kind of work.


You and Snagg should love Romney and McCain.

They got your guy elected twice.

I worked high tech and when we hired someone, we went to India. They are honest, smart and come to work sober. They don't have access baggage like most of the US workers. Don't tell the liberals though.

We tried to hire allot of micro-solderers. We ran adds across the nation and none could do that kind of work. Hello India. And you blame  whitey? Microsoft got pi$$ed off when the government closed the India link. They just laid off thousands of workers. The more fools try and protect losers, the faster they fall.

And what does that have to do with Scott Walker being a national disgrace??????

I said nothing about minimum wages, nor Romney, McCain, Mexicans, or the Indian workforce, so what's your point???

And I have no idea where you came up with me ""blaming whitey" for anything.

If this post doesn't prove, once and for all, just how uninformed, bigoted and downright fucking stupid darroll is, I don't know what will.

Congrats, darroll - There used be an UNBELIEVABLE dumbfuck around here, named Steve Macon, who was, hands down, the most arrogant, ignorant and proudly asshole-ish redneck prick I've ever dealt with - and I've been around the block a few times.

You are rapidly closing in on him, though. Keep wallowing in your mental shithole, Big D - A man's gotta have goals, even if it's only to be the most pathetic racist imbecile on a secluded little social site.
But I have faith that you can be an even bigger dunce than Macon, darroll - Fuck knows you go out of your way to prove it every time you open your foul trap.

Here we sit discussing issues that have nothing to do with the problems.

The liberals will not listen to any new ideas or smart decisions.

Last night on TV I saw a flick on a power outage in New York.

The blacks went on the rampage and looted half of New York and then burned down the buildings when they were finished. Then they complain that they are being profiled.

They can't blame this on the South's flag, can they?

Someone smarter than I needs to look at what causes this kind of behavior. I know that the race baiter's will blame someone else. Whether it happened hundreds of years ago or the whites keeping the blacks down. It looks like they do a pretty good job on their own.

Nothing now will get better, The whites are scared to hire Blacks. The neighborhoods are scared to death a Black will move in and destroy the property values, a Black will marry their daughter and wreck their heritage and be filled with hate.

The Blacks will continue to hate everything and just blame someone else. (no problem was solved composing this mess)




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