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Whether you support this guy:

Or this one:

Can we keep it fun?

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you seemed to be confusing your facts.all that bitterness and hatred for a man you never met, screwed up your memory,just sayin'

again,you have your facts screwed up,it was the democrats that started the KKK.

you get your "facts" straight from CNN dontcha?  you seem to be a child ,exactly how old are you?

The Grinch stole Christmas by holding our Christmas present hostage on container ships now will ruin Thanksgiving. According to 'Eat This, Not That!' there will be shortages of Jello and pudding mix. Also dairy products like cream cheese, half and half and whole milk. Boxed pasta has disappeared from the shelves. Frozen vegetables are so scarce people are buying up all the canned vegetables.

It is getting late to plant a wheat field and vegetables in your back yard. If you hurry you might find a Half and Half cow. I remember the slogan 'A chicken in ever pot'. Soon it will be 'Plant a garden and keep a cow in the back yard.'. Our farms are still producing but nobody knows how to put food on store shelf anymore. Maybe farmers will learn how to quit farming next.




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