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To bad the govt shot him.

The teatards in Oregon get rounded up and thrown in the slammer they've deserved for so long, and darroll is nowhere to be seen.

Where do you think he is ? Marching back in forth of his local blood donor franchise, waving a sign (written in crayon, of course), protesting the incarceration of these "heroes" ?

Nah. Too much honest effort, and too much chance of getting kicked in the balls by a REAL American citizen.

Could be that he's down at whatever shithole redneck bar that still lets him run a tab, dead drunk as usual and mouthing off at the CNN reports that clearly show that moron who swore he'd kill every cop he could find, reaching into his jacket where they discovered a 9MM - Because CNN won't run the same big-fat-lie footage that the other White Power / White Trash websites are running where it's been edited to looks as if the cop shoots the moron in cold blood.

Nah. I can't imagine any redneck bar being stupid enough to trust a deadbeat asshole like darroll to ever honor a bar tab.

Most likely he's back in his mom's basement, jerking off again to videos of fat white cops beating up black teenaged girls. Just to remind himself of who's "SUPPOSED" to be running the United States of America.

Yeah, that's probably it. Pretty soon he'll jerk himself back to his usual state of bleeding rashes and friction blisters - For which he'll naturally blame black people, women in general, me and Bubba, Hillary Clinton, communist Russia (but not Vladimir Putin, the love whose name he dares not express), the postal service and, just for the hell of it, the Harlem Globetrotters - Just to be sure he's covered all the preferred alibis and excuses for his own incompetence and worthlessness.

That darroll. What a pathetic, pointless piece of shit.

I guess I missed the funny part.

Shoot Happy(s),

I  Have been watching CNN as the libs are taking over Fox.

They were talking about a college education with no jobs. The only jobs they can find are flipping burgers.

The liberal colleges have done such a great job giving an education to undesirables.

Who in hell wants to hire a deadbeat, dope smoking idiot for a  job?

They are exporting businesses and importing great sober foreign workers.

Do you people need a bigger knife so you can cut your own throat easier? Easy is the name of the game.





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