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Whether you support this guy:

Or this one:

Can we keep it fun?

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Don't worry.
There are plenty of democrats out there.


Ain't no whites or blacks that will stack and load firewood.

Vengas Aqui, Pedro

Funny. I'm pretty sure that I am white, and I was chopping and stacking firewood last week. 

I'm white and cut the wood in my own woods, split it by hand, stack it, burn, and take out the ashes.

Typical darroll - A drunken, bitter nobody, talking out his ass. What a miserable, useless old prick.

I live in liberal-ville.

They want to be the CEO and not a wood stacker.

Right. Because all of the republicans you know are standing in lines around the block, begging to get paid shitty wages and no benefits to break their backs all day. 'Cause they're so honorable and such real men.

That's the problem with being as fucking stupid as you, darroll - You're so goddamn dumb, you think that everybody else is as stupid as you, too.




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