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The old liberal blame game. I make good money but never got a fed tax decrease. You should see what my greedy tax and spend state charges us on taxes)

Keep spending money and when you grow up you can be just like Greece.  (Broke and riot if they don't pay you).

Your kids will have an economy just like Cuba. The Castro brothers live just fine.

So you're calling Joe Biden a liar?

Hey Partner.

Is Biden going to have me arrested for the truth?

When the rich get a tax break, we all get a tax break. Check the tax code.

You really think they are going to single out and give the rich a tax increase?

The rich taxing themselves sounds good but get real.


The drones that you buy in stores is under gov-ment attack.

They want pilot licenses and craft numbers for the owners.

The people that are making those things are moving off shore... WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, Joe won't have you arrested. But you are still a liar.

Tax Code

Sorry to be the one to tell you darroll, but your hamster died.

God arn't you funny...

The only one that changed the 2008 tax code was Bush. He gave us a tax break.

Get a job and you might find out how taxes work.

Fuck you darrol, You know I'm disabled. I'd take a job in a heartbeat if I could you tucking piece of shit. I'd be proud to pay those taxes if I could.

Like the job you have, darroll - Sucking off mules in the parking lots of biker bars ?

No thanks, you pathetic, bitter, stupid old fuck - I'm older than you (I bet), retired after 40-plus years of working on loading docks and warehouses and printshops and being a part of the local music scene.

You know - REAL work, and not whatever the fuck you do.




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