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Darroll, do you REALLY think that Wall Street is a fall guy for somebody else's crime ? That the reason that no Wall Streeters have been punished is because they're innocent li'l lambs, and not just all high-priced lawyered-up and exploiting their deep political connections ?

Hi Snagg!

Looks like you've darkened a couple of shades since I last saw you. Good to see you... still having opinions on the immutable workings of the machine and still spinning great tunes. Cheers, mate!

Wall street is their best place to blame.

People can't understand that they peddle stock.

Gas goes up and they blame wall street. They don't even know that OPEC sets the price for oil and not wall street. (sure they legally bet whether the prices go up or down).

The government backs total worthless mortgages and then when the housing market crashes, they blame wall street or the banks. <or bushy>

I’m just sitting back and watching the brains run the government. Remember if you want to make money, if the government buys, you sell.


Spoken like a true Reaganite Kapitalist - It's not OUR fault that we gambled away other people's money and let THEM take the loss - It's THEIR fault for trusting us when we lied our asses off to them !

When you think you can buy a house with no money and no job, doesn't this sound too good to be true?

They figured that the rich guys would forgive the debt. This took down banks world wide.

But what the hell do I care?

The majority rules.

My banks have a simple policy, they expect to be paid back.

Look up affordable housing.

That was the plan! If I made you smile, my work for the day is done. 

Now I just gotta figure out how to to it tomorrow.





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