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  I love the music of the season.

Christmas,Hanukah,yule,Boxing Day,Kwanzaa,WinterSolstice,Ashura,Bodhi Day.. all inclusive. If it gives yuo that warm feeling plaese share it with us.. 


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I would love to hear it with you!!

you can pick up an ion usb turntable for as little as 50 bucks and it comes with software to deal with the music. that way you can transfer all the vinyl and if you have cassettes, a cassette deck doesn't need a preamp. it can be fed directly into the computer and be converted to mp3's.the software will deal with the cassettes too

I'd like to hear it too.

This wouldn't happen to be it, would it, Lj?--  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_srch_drd_B004VTS4JA?ie=UTF8&fie...

(The album's called Polish Sacred Music by The Polish Nightingales; $8.99 for the MP3 version.)

This may be a possibility, Lj. If you still have the album, it looks like you can buy a CD or MP3 here:  http://www.christmaslpstocd.com/Item/HenryWaraksaChristmasInPoland-... 

Read the tabs on that page "What am I buying?" and "Why buy a record." They clarify how the site works.

P.S.--If you don't have the album still and you don't want to pay the money for one on the above site in order to get the MP3, there are lots of really cheap copies on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odkw=SP10198+-+Waraksa%2C+Henry+A+C...

they don't have it on amazon but they have three for sale on ebay


I'm glad you got the CD, and what a beautiful description of nostalgia, Lj. Sometimes the lift we get from those images--real or imagined--makes all the difference. 

Hey, that,s great, thanks for the update, Lj.

Good ol' Nana. A Greek leading a German sing along is real Christmas spirit...

All I can say is, "I love this!" and Kalá Christoúgenna!!! 




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