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Well NFL followers--first off Happy Thanksgivings to all of you, (and you folks in Canada...Happy 26th of November--I guess?). I will be traveling tomorrow--and I didn't know if I would have time to start week 12's thread in the morning. Then the thought hit me that others might be traveling in the morning--and they wouldn't have time to see this thread 2morrow--so I figured now is as good as any time to get it going for everybody around--right?? Right!! (Of course I am right!!!) So without any further ado--let's get this gizmo going--shall we?

Here is week 12's schedule:

Thursday November 26
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV
12:30 pm Green Bay Packers (6/4) Detroit Lions (2/8) FOX
4:15 pm Oakland Raiders (3/7) Dallas Cowboys (7/3) CBS
8:20 pm New York Giants (6/4) Denver Broncos (6/4) NFLN

Sunday November 29
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV Tickets Weather
1:00 pm Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1/9) Atlanta Falcons (5/5) FOX
1:00 pm Miami Dolphins (5/5) Buffalo Bills (3/7) CBS Tickets
1:00 pm Cleveland Browns (1/9) Cincinnati Bengals (7/3) CBS
1:00 pm Indianapolis Colts (10/0) Houston Texans (5/5) CBS
1:00 pm Carolina Panthers (4/6) New York Jets (4/6) FOX
1:00 pm Washington Redskins (3/7) Philadelphia Eagles (6/4) FOX
1:00 pm Seattle Seahawks (3/7) St. Louis Rams (1/9) FOX
4:05 pm Kansas City Chiefs (3/7) San Diego Chargers (7/3) CBS
4:05 pm Jacksonville Jaguars (6/4) San Francisco 49ers (4/6) CBS
4:15 pm Chicago Bears (4/6) Minnesota Vikings (9/1) FOX
4:15 pm Arizona Cardinals (7/3) Tennessee Titans (4/6) FOX
8:20 pm Pittsburgh Steelers (6/4) Baltimore Ravens (5/5) NBC

Monday November 30
Time (ET) Visiting Team Home Team TV Tickets
8:30 pm New England Patriots (7/3) New Orleans Saints (10/0) ESPN

So what are the games of interest this week? Well it-s kind of hard telling. However I will give it my best try here. Perhaps the most influential game belongs to The Monday Night game between New England and New Orleans. You might remember how close New England came to giving Indianapolis their first lost. Now they will try to make New Orleans a losing team. Finally--New Orlean has a team that can challenge their undefeated stance! (C'mon Patriots!! Lose another game!!)

The game with the most 'can we keep the momentum going?' influences will go to the Arizona/Tennessee game. Arizona have won 3 consecutive games, and they currently hold the 1st place slot in the NFC west Division. Tennessee started off with losing their first 6 games, but they won their last 4 games!! Those 4 wins put them only 2 games behind 1st place Jaguars, Broncos, and Steelers in the Wildcard race. Arizona of course want to hold onto their position--but 5 games in a row would not be too shabby for a team everyone was giving up on after their 1st 6 games.

The game that have 2 even record teams can also be considered as the most "We still got Spirit!" influences game--and it will go to the NY Giants/Denver Broncos. Both of these teams have a 6/4 record--and it is PAINFULLY obvious that neither one of these teams are anywhere near how good they were expected to be--especially when u consider that Denver lost their last 4 after winning their first 6--and The Giants were named the team to beat this year by most sports journalist. Time for these two team to show what type of character they really have!

The Team that really got put into the most misfortune position this week have to be The Cleavland Browns, who been given the predictament of playing The Bengals. Cincinatti was embarrassed last week by losing to Oakland--and surely they will want to lick their wounds this week--meaning they will probably turn the Browns all black and Blue during the game. Pittsburgh Steelers of course got beaten by The Cheifs, and will want to lick their wounds too--however--the difference will be The Steelers are playing (5/5) Ravens--and at least The Ravens can fight back.

Well that is the best that I have so far--If u can think of anything I miss--or if u want to give a 'Go___________' shout for your team(s), please don't be shy--Let it rip! One last thing, I more then likely will be watching the Lions/Packers game--however I won't be able to report on it or make comments during it. If any of you watch the game--do me a favor--and come here to keep tabs on it for us all. Also--The Giants/Broncos game is going to be on NFL Network tomorrow night--and I don't get that station--so again--if u get the game--I hope u will come in here and keep us updated--(Although--I might 'watch' it from my computer if I am home early enough to do so!)

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Hopefully sometime before next century--huh Trr?
Hey Melly!! Titans need you!! Where is your cheer for them? They are losing 17/13 with just under 3 minutes to go??
TITANS SCORED!!!!! WITH 6 SECONDS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GAME OVER!!!!! TITANS HAVE NOW WON 5 STRAIGHT GAMES!!!! And hey Ubu---Your SD friend won't be the only one who got something to say!! OHHH MEELLLYYY??? WHERE ARE U?? Ubu picked Arizona--Don't u wanna say anything to him???
And the final scores for the 4 pm games are:

4:05 pm Kansas City Chiefs (14) San Diego Chargers (43) That is a HS basketball game score!!
4:05 pm Jacksonville Jaguars (3) San Francisco 49ers (20)
4:15 pm Chicago Bears (10) Minnesota Vikings (36)
4:15 pm Arizona Cardinals (17) Tennessee Titans (20) And that was a game that literally was won in the last second!!
1 more game tonight--and that will be The Steelers/Ravens game. I am interested in how confident Larry feels about his team with Ben being our--and a rookie in his place?
The Quarterback for The Steelers tonight will be Dennis Dixon--out of Oregon University--It will be the very 1st NFL game he have ever started--so if u watch the game tonight--u will watch sport trivia history in the making. Here is Dixon's college career stats!

Dennis Dixon #2 QB

5,129 38

Birth Date January 11, 1985
Height 6-3
Weight 206 lbs.
Age 24

ProfileStatsGame Log

Stats Overview Passing
2004 6 15 73 40.0 4.87 22 0 0 1 80.88
2005 69 104 777 66.3 7.47 68 6 3 4 142.37
2006 197 322 2143 61.2 6.66 67 12 14 6 120.68
2007 172 254 2136 67.7 8.41 85 20 4 13 161.19
It definitely was miserable.
Ravens draws first blood!
At the half is 14/7 Ravens. Is there any way we can check in on Larry at this point?
You know folks at NING technical institure---I am reaaallllly getting sick and tire of finding my own postings deleted for whatever reason they are dissapearing. Anyhow--for those of u who missed the news--Pittsburgh is defeated by the now extra famous because of his movie Michael Oher and his Team mates The Baltimore Ravens in an over time 20-17 win!!! This mean we STILL do not have any teams with a tie game on thier record yet--and here we are at week 12!!--By the way I understand that movie "The Blind Side' Could earn Sandra Bullock another academy! I am hoping to see it this weekend!!--Anyone else seen it yet?

Another record that we have this late in the season is 2 undefeated teams (One for each league!!) Will that record be challenged with tonight's game between the Patriots and The Saints??? I am hoping Belichoke's team will choke on a 4th and 2 play again!!

So the game is in an hour--Who will be watching it with me--and how about we have a cybered party through the game?

That is of course--provided this posting won't be deleted and u can actually read it? Urrrggg....

Ok--Show of hands--Saints are going to win this game?? Yes???

cough--cough--Partriots--cough--have a chance--cough cough--to win this game? couggh?? Yes??
Saints have the ball first. Who is here with me??? Come out--come out where ever u are!!!!




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