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At the end of the thread about TeeBub's Winter Bash I noticed a little black square that said "Go".

With a mixture of trepidation and curiosity I clicked it. wondering at the time if my computer would explode, or I would be shuttled of into cyberspace, never to return. Much to my amazement, I ended up at the start of the discussion. Why?

What new adventures have you recently discovered on Ning? At the "Borders" going out of business sale, I saw and purchased a NING for Dummies book. Someday I'll get around to working on it. What about you?

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Gee--too bad it didn't open up Skype and start calling group members, eh?  :)

I think there is probably quite a bit that I am unaware of on this website.  I need to set aside some personal time to explore and see where and what will happen!  I've meant to do it before, but this serves as a reminder to move my "roundtoit" to my "beentheredoneit"!  Thanks, Robbie!

Robbie, the default is page one. But if the discussion is say, 10 pages, and you remember something on page 6, you can put a 6 in the box, click go, and it will take you to page 6.
Hey, I'm normally just a click and hunt type guy. I came to realize about 35 years ago that software engineers/programers and I do not think the same. Nothing about computers is intuitive to me. I need written explanations. And the older I get the more I need them.  i guess I should take this to the Ranting thread.(:>)  
I don't do that as fast anymore as i used to.
Why would I want to know that?
I haven't figured out how to delete my Ning account.

Aw, Shucks Kooner... You made me blush.

Oh wait, I don't think dogs can blush.

Maybe I'll just go out in the back yard and bury a bone. 



LOL (Click Me)

The less I know about the workings of computer type stuff, the more content I am.  I'm clueless about most of the Ning stuff.....I just barely get by.
Wendy said she lost her headline, did any of your take it?
Wasn't me.  I lost my headline too.
I just lost my head.




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