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Fromze, Fromzie, I called him? He used a raccoon picture and was mean as a hornet (though I rather admired that...)? Very well versed in science, too. Do you know or wonder the where abouts of former TBD members? JackieRodzinski, MotherSanity, TheInquiringEye (last incarnation)

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Thus speaketh Anthony.
Maybe he had two sides then....I never did see a bad side to him. He always seemed like a good guy when I chatted with him. Are we both talking about the guy from Florida who then went to Tennessee for the summer?
Had I seen evidence of his other side I would have probably reassessed my basis for having him as a TBD friend.
No, but I expect you will. :)
Brit's on Facebook - I don't know about spuff - I dropped out early on the earlier TBD due to work and social life. I couldnt keep up on the threads. and Azure Calm is on FB too - I only have 4 former TBDers as FB friends - but FB is easier for keeping up with family - I wouldn't want my KIDS to be on TBD!
Thanks Dottie! I will be in/out probably for the rest of my life. I have a disease called ankylosing spondylitis. I have back and joint problems to boot. When I am not around, you can almost always bet that I'm in some kind of remission. Otherwise I'm fooling with the old website, hanging out and /or eating alot! Thanks so much for asking!




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