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I've been looking up a lot of words in the dictionary lately. I may not have the most grandiose vocabulary but certainly more than adequate. But lately while reading in my comfortable food and sport niches,I'm coming across words I'm not familiar with or not too clear on the meaning...And I actually take the time to look them up.
A restaurant review recently described some food I had eaten there as mellifluous. Yikes !! What the hell does that mean? I was horrified. Perhaps it was contaminated with mice feces or maggots. But since I had no symptoms of food poisoning or dysentery, I figured mellifluous was a good thing.
I write as a hobby and send humorous articles to local papers. Every now and then....usually then, I see some of my gems published. . My wife thinks I spend too much time writing my blogs and articles and feels it's a waste of time. Obviously she cannot fathom the pleasure I get from writing. Her objurgating and vituperative comments tend to be negative. But I tolerate her indefatigable contumelious remarks, sometimes becoming milquetoast, which certainly isn't being very assertive. To judge me on my literary works and complaining how I never get paid for what I write, I don't think I am being fairly adjudicated.
A baseball announcer of the Mets game I was listening to the other night, mentioned their opponent's scoring was bereft in the first inning of all their games. bereft? But after a 3 run first inning, they were befeft no more. !! Sometimes I have to look up words that aren't in the Webster's dictionary I use. Perhaps I need a bigger modern book with more neologisms. Even in my bible:TV Guide or the TV listings in Newsday, I find words that have me scurrying through the pages of the dictionary. This can be quite egregious especially when I'm driving on the Long Island Expressway. I may be due for some vicissitudinous.
When a TV guide description of a Star Trek episode had me searching for the word,"courtesan"., the other evening, I realized that my scullery shouldn't be my predominant bailiwick. Perhaps I need to get out more so I don't confuse my steak and chanterelles with a chanteuse. On that mellifluous note,(any Karen Akers fans out there), this post  is Kaput.!!!

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LOL  Thanks for sending me to my dictionary this morning.  Gave me something to do in my idle time. 

Hi. Need to check out Webster's dictionary again?  Try my toddler talk post. MARK




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