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You saw it but wish you hadn't.  You're told you need to see it but you don't want to.

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Or even coprophagia!
I rather not see some random person be beheaded accidentally. A couple of years ago, a former student witnessed someone decapitated by a moving subway train. He was waiting too close to the platform and and maybe was sleepy and accidentally pitched forward at the wrong moment. It was rush hour so a lot of students were milling in the vicinity and some of them actually saw the decapitated head. My student didn't go to 1st period. She was sent home to recover from the experience.
I agree. I don't know who ever thought it was a good idea.
Jehovah Witness.
Do rags
Men in fur coats
Women wearing shoulder pads
Lady CaCa
Fake reality television
Dr. Fill
Dr. Oz
The Wizard of Oz, especially with Pink Floyd playing for the first 30 minutes.
Joy Behar
The View
American television
The list grows.
Men in thongs.
Anybody in thongs!

The link was placed there by the one above. She would have gone Jersey on me if I'd deleted it.
It looks absolutely great on 1/10th of 1% of the population. None of these people are the one's consistanly seen in it. Its really just way too much information.
My son being drowned in the haze of bipolar/schizophrenia disorder. Sometimes death seems like a viable choice.
I don't want to see any more of my dogs pass on.

But I know I will.
The inside of the surgical room.

But I know I will.




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