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Yes. My avatar pic is accurate. I'm blonde. And although I absolutely don't think of myself as old, the last 2 days...

- Yesterday I got my beloved convertible out of the shop & thoroughly enjoyed driving around w/the top down, sunshine beating down on me, wind blowing my hair. I even wrote a haiku about it! Came home last night, hadn't seen or heard a weather report, but it was beautiful out, so I left the top down. One of my communal housemates called me at 8am this morning when he got in from work.... "Hey, Taylor... did you know it was raining outside?"
ggrrrr!!!!! So much rain that there was standing water on the floorboards.

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I'd be happy to elaborate, but I've had so much wine that I think I should plead the 5th, on the grounds that I might instigate myself.

Oh. that's the Archie Bunker thread, isn't it?
put the dog in the car, he will bark and remind you to shut the roof, he will tear out the wet carpeting for you too.
perfect, Beth, thank you! '-)
What about blonde, young and male? Years ago at work I asked a co-worker to go out to the parking lot and roll up my car windows since I was tied up in meetings. When I left for work I found he had indeed rolled up the windows but neglected to put the top up. The inside of the car was soaked.
That blonde eventually turns white/grey.....don't worry though. I'm sure you'll age as gracefully as a bottle of wine....and taste just as good!!! ;->

Well, Dug!






that's all I got. "-D

lmao, funest!
Oh, thank you, thank you! This is the best laugh I've had here in ages! (And there have been a lot.)

hey! It's not funny, d@mmit!


Follow up to the "Left the Lid Off the Trash Can & Foster Girl Feasted" chapter in the life of d's girl yesterday.....

I was greeted by 2 big piles of poop on the living room floor this morning. ;-p
Lots of roughage, eh?




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