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I seem to learn something new nearly every day. Sometimes it's something as simple as, 'Don't talk politics with the new coworker.' Or, 'Do not put the rubbing alcohol in the spot where the mouthwash usually sits.'

Today it was an interesting, but useless, piece of trivia. You're all familiar with the phrase, "Blowing smoke up his ass"? Did you ever wonder WHY someone would say that?

It seems that in the early 1800's there was a device called a tobacco smoke enema. Yep, you can guess how it was used.... They thought it was effective for reviving drowning victims, or relieving "stoppages". It wasn't, but it did spawn an interesting phrase at least!

So, what have you got - what did you learn today?

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I do not think I will tell you what I learned today--clue---I will have blood work done next week and MRI soon. The rest of the story will come later.
*I remember.....*
What Ms Farquar said Blondie, God Bless
Same here, God Bless you.
Aggie hug with a prayer.
I will let everyone know as soon as I get all the details. Thats so much. Love you guys!!!!!
Prayers and hugs for you.
How far behind I am in the paperwork. Stacks & stacks of it. Yuk!
duh....how could we not be trr? Hugs and good luck tomorrow.
Making sense is so over rated.
I learned that Country music star Jack Ingrahm is not smarter then a 5th grader!
I learn that a woman can get pregnant, even while she is pregnant!




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