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I go tomorrow to the neurologist over my back from the wreck.  Then February 9th I have plastic surgery on mu face from hitting the steering wheel.  Things are finally looking up!

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i hope it all goes well too .. but in the future , watch out for them steerin wheels .. nasty bastards they are they are .. 

Hope you recover fully and then some dwalt.  Here is one of those weird stories to help now that Frenchy mentions the evils of steering wheels.

South Dakota recently ran ads trying to discourage people from jerking the steering wheel on icy roads but decided to cancel it.

South Dakota Yanks ‘Don't Jerk and Drive’ Ad Campaign  By Jessica Roy

 South Dakota has yanked its "Don't Jerk and Drive" ad campaign for reasons that are totally obvious to anyone who's ever been 13 years old: It's reminiscent of the (disturbingly popular) pastime of masturbating while driving

The PSAs, plastered on billboards around the state, were supposed to "grab the attention of drivers" and jack up interest in the dangers of navigating snowy roads. Though the Office of Highway Safety took a purposeful whack at double entendre, some believed the ads might rub people the wrong way and become a driving distraction. The campaign was yanked prematurely by the Department of Public Safety, which said it doesn't "want innuendo to pull focus for the main message of saving lives on the road." 

So much for that stroke of genius. Now the Department of Highway Safety is left with a pretty sticky PR mess to clean up.


you sure you aren't just jerking us around? having us on? geeez the psa guys must be a bunch of wankers

Good luck...and get the neurologist off your back...sounds kind of kinky.

I hope you can have a nice holiday season. Try doing a lot of bobbing for apples it's good therapy...or so I've been told.

Good News!!!




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