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In unprecedented and unexplained news, the New York City legislature has legalized weddings of homo sapien  with either feline or canine spouses. Effective immediately, animal lovers all over the 5 boroughs are celebrating.
Marsha, a toxicologist from Da Bronx has June wedding plans with her Persian cat named Fluffy. Since Fluffy, loves to eat fish, the wedding will be in Fulton's Fish Market in Da Bronx, according to Marsha where many feline friends already reside.  Similarly, Tony, a construction worker from Queens plans an April wedding with his cocker spaniel, Fido at the Purina factory in Westbury, Long Island. 
Then there's Rabbi Schlomo from Brooklyn and his pet gold fish, Goldie. . "Goldie is a lot more than a fish ",he says.,"Just because a person or animal lives in a bowl does not mean you can't love them." Schlomo's dreams is a wedding with Goldie at the Brooklyn Aquarium in Coney Island." There's plenty of other fish who could serve as ushers ", he said. The only concern is that his ultra orthodox Lubavitch  followers might find this venue quite unorthodox plus the Aquarium would be packed like sardines. 
Bird lovers are up in wings too about this matrimonial news .Betty Ann  of Manhattan has tweeted on twitter about her beloved cockatoo, Tweety Bird. "What about us? " she questions. Betty Ann would love to marry Tweety Bird in the Canary Islands one day. For now,just dog and cat lovers can announce their engagements or just elope as Harrison and his collie, Rex,of the West Village plan on doing. 

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One can only watch CNN and wait for this news to be broadcast.  Mark, our roving reporter, you beat them to it again.

Thanks for your response.YEP..I beat CNN

The door has been unlocked.

Maybe that guy can finally marry his horse.

Yep..Mr Ed would love to sleep in a real bed instead of a stall

Hey, there are people that sleep with their guns. One guy refers to his as his "Very Special .38 Special".

My cat is special to me... but not that special.

I used to cook my dog those rawhide type treats in meat gravy to make them taste really special. Mix some gourmet cat food with something the cat loves like real fish fresh from the fish market for a special treat . Wait for your cat to meet one of those ferrel cats before planning the wedding.

Will they have to pay taxes also?




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