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Yes, science has done it again: Heavy marijuana use can mess with a teen's brain. The study, detailed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that of the 1,000 New Zealanders followed, those who started using pot as teenagers and used it for years afterward lost some of their smarts; more specifically, they had an average decline in IQ of 8 points, between age 13 and age 38.


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The people that I worked with that smoked pot got dumber than a stump.

Well, it could just be a sign of aging, prematurely.  Nope, it does show that the mind altered state is not the smartest.  Now the question is why do it?, be mind altered.  

We have been doing it for a long, long time, mind altering, in part as a method of water treatment, medical treatment, spiritual enhancement and to just get high, dude.   We have have refined the chemical part of getting high as a matter of science, recreation and a significant criminal enterprise.  What we haven't been able to do is really change why in the course of living, living in an altered reality is better by choice.  And yes, addiction plays into those things that seem to make living a better or more tolerable situation by, well, not noticing or having to notice what a crappy thing life and living can be.

So, is it all a part of a slippery slope?  Sure, why not.  If kids can find a way to take being an active contributing member of society, being overall responsible out of the equation, and given a complementary source of support by parents, society and crime, why not?  And why, if the those so medicated are high, drunk or in stupors need to have an IQ, that already has gone up in smoke.

Mind altering drugs alter the mind...not reality.  Reality will alter itself in due time without outside help.

People think it's bad now. Rich verses the poor and then it will be the smart verses the dumb.

Won't the poor and dumb people yell bloody murder. They will want a piece of a smart person's brain.

Friggin pitiful.

Maybe the poor dumb people will teach the rich smart people how to be happy, in trade for some of the rich smart peoples cocaine. 

I'm just high on life, but I'm still dumb, fat and happy!

Not too fat, but definitely dumb and HAPPY!

Do people who are dumb have enough self awareness to even know that they are dumb?

Isn't it already the smart vs the dumb? Just wondering...

So I guess the dumb won't be yelling bloody murder then... and thinking no invasion of the body snatchers in the works since fat isn't nearly as desirable as smart. Soooo...happy works for me. Happy New Years everybody...


I'm not a teen anymore, so it's okay. Right?

If you still know your butt from six bits, you are ok.




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