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Want to apply for Obamacare this fall? Start the paperwork now.

To Sign Up For Obamacare, Start Filling Out The Forms Now (And Hire A Good Accountant)

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The Obama Administration quietly released a draft copy of its “single streamlined application” for Obamacare. This is the form that the government will use to certify eligibility for the program’s subsidies. The on-line version of that form requires 60 printed pages to spell out all the queries. (A condensed paper version of the same application fills 21 pages).

And all this comes before you fill out your state paperwork to see if you’re eligible for Medicaid (and before you even begin to select a health plan). There’s also a separate form that you’ll have to give to your employer to complete for you.

What’s in the 60-page document? Most families of four will have to answer about 1,000 discrete queries by the time they’re done. Some of the information you won’t have ready access to.

I am like many people I do not know much about the new health care. I have good insurance now, but do not know if I will be taxed for my good office insurance, do not know if my office will keep the good insurance, I would like to retire but then will not have insurance, do not know if I will be able to afford insurance in retirement.

I have great medical insurance.

This will probably be a thing of the past with government running it.

Want to buy a left over thousand dollar toilet seat from the government?

Oh no! I can't believe the great Conservative Icon Ronald Reagan would have allowed that.  Although in the original version of the tale, it was $600.  http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,960748,00.html  But I suppose one has to account for the inflation since 1985.

Reagan or whoever, Government is going to run healthcare like Amtrak.

I'll bet that the chosen few are foaming at the mouth's trying to figure out who will make the most money.

Did you ever notice that they suspect a little fraud in Medicare but nothing ever is done about it.

The devil is in the details and it always was, Speaker Polosi told the house members that they had to past the Affordable Care Act to understand what was in it.

What was meant is that the 2000 plus pages need to be implemented and as such by rules and regulations issued by the Department of Health and Human Services which have added thousand of pages more to what will become ObamaCare which includes both governmental and private compliance and then the public operation of features of what will become ObamaCare.

First what is needed to know is it is complicated, ObamaCare as it impacts the over 18% of the Gross National Product which represents the expense of healthcare in the economy and changes what and how people will get and access healthcare services and healthcare insurance for everyone.  

Second, it is not going to work, not going to work as initial designed and implemented, see above.  It isn't going to work because there will have to be changes and contingencies that have not been worked out and won't work as designed.  

Third, this is a huge social experiment that will be played against partisan politics, a hysterical media and explanations that will defy and deaden the public senses as to what and what will happen in the actual operation of ACA and the provision of services.

Forth, we are not prepared to do what is promised, in that we do not have the where with all that is necessary to do what is promised.  We do not have the physicians, trained and capable personnel and the facilities to handle demand, and  handled the rise in costs to pay for what needs to be provided.  The initial result will be an impact of a lack of availability of services to patients, a rationing of what is necessary and critical and inflation in overall costs.

We have done this before.  

In the Johnson's New Society of sixties, the impact of Medicare and Medicare was to push the health care system to provide services, mostly services that had in the past been considered "charity" care and uncompensated as a part of the "mission" of government and private organizations both religious and community based to provide services to the "poor" at no or low costs.  The immediate result was sudden and expensive demand for services by the public and lead to a single change in trajectory, up, that remains to this day.   

What is different today, is we can't sustain another change in the trajectory, up, of healthcare costs.  And no one has any idea, except for capping any and all payments, to make the cost curve flat or turn downward without crashing the system.

I think they set Obama up on this one.

He can't shake it because his name is all over it.

Forbes Magazine always has such nice things to say about President Obama.

Another good result of The Affordable Care Act is that Insurance Companies are required to spend 85% of what they get paid in premiums on actual healthcare.

One can find other factual information on the law and when what features start here:


What explaination did she give? Was it a medical reason? There is nothing in the Affordable care act or in Medicare act that would be result in such disapproval.  Often times depending on one's health, treatments of various sorts are "not approved" because the patient would not survive, suffer other problems, or the quality and length of their life would no longer be enhanced.  Or if they have private insurance as their sole coverage, it may simply refuse to pay for it.   In general the reform does well for retired and older Americans.  http://www.retiredamericans.org/system/storage/24/39/0/1321/FactShe...

I might just go to DC next week for more info.




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