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I really think we ought to...
but what if we...
What do the Yankees and the Red Sox have in common?

Today I would have to say pharmacist.

Take me out to the ballgame.

If not now, when?
Where'd you put the
Hello everyone, its amazing how many of you posted to a blank discussion... this was not done on purpose, I was working late last night and while driving home, yes I have a laptop in my truck I use it for work, anyways I have TBD open and am ready to close it out as I was moving the mouse I clicked on + Add a Discussion, well as you know a screen pops up and at the bottom there are the choices to Add Discussion or Cancel, so I move the mouse over Cancel, my finger is on left mouse button I look back at the road and as I click the button I hit a bump... what I figure is that the mouse moved over the Add Discussion, I then looked back quickly moved the mouse over sign out and I was gone.... but not the discussion... so it goes to show you don't use the mouse when driving over bumpy roads.

It is interesting on what has come up without a topic.

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)
Kentucky derby winner 'Mine That Bird' is running today in the West Va. Derby
I'm glad you're still there and in one piece... goes to show you not to TBD while driving.
But you should know that this is one of the best formats ever for a discussion. We're like wasps on watermelon when you give us free rein.
BethD are you headed to WV to palce a bet???

Yeah Aggie this would have been a good test...hmmmm

Thanks for your concern Chez, but I am still in one piece and headed out on the road, troubles to go fix, I am the On Call guy this weekend... not to worry I will not be TBDing while driving only when pulled over on the side of the road... LOL
This is funny z100. Back on TBD1 I had wanted to start a discussion and messed it up real good, I ended up putting XOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO across it and a day or two of conversation followed! Lots of hugs and kisses came out of that fiasco LOL :-)




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