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are thare underground pepole,who are thay,are we the underground pepole

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DD, are you being mocked? I didn't see the original thread... but I have ZERO patience for you being ridiculed.
Oh, Jerk Off again? Mr. Hateful was here?
We love you, DD. Not to worry. We that love you are a big group.

I tickle you when I see you.
Yep, a big group with big teeth. *bite*

Well, you won't need a raincoat.

Underground peep hole?

Some underground people must have deleted their responses here.

I think they may have looked in the peep hole and got their eye poked.

Or seen a scabrous mole and ran away to Eons.

Hmm, Scabrous mole?

Yep, That would probably do it.




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