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Turnoffs in the dating scene are probably the same as turnoffs in social life. However, married people or people in a committed relationship probably can't do anything about the turnoffs they encounter.

So here is the place where you can list those things that would turn you off if encountered in a date or prospective date.

I'll start:

Dirty teeth (never heard of a toothbrush?)
Bad eating manners (A lot of first dates are in a restaurant; ever wonder why they are the last date?)

Your turn:

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Dates who tell you to "tart up".
Psst ... it's an expression - usually used by those who are British - it means to "dress up" or "look smart" - it's tongue in cheek but not offensive and I for one like to know this sort of thing when I'm asked to go somewhere.
You don't say now...I'm looking forward to 'tarting up' at my earliest convenience.
Hahahahaha which end duck?!?
Don't rightly know since I'm a tart virgin. I'm just happy that now I leaned a new term and can inject 'I expect you to be semi-tarted up when we go out to dinner' in conversations. Or 'That woman appears to belong to the tart patrol.'
Oh, damn, I forgot my tart bling.
And ive put a new shirt on ,what a let down lol
I just wouldn't like for a man to think he has to tell me how to dress. Letting me know the type of dress that's usual for a certain place is appreciated, though.
so now we have some 'tarting up' (dressing up) and putting a bit slap on (make up) and looking the bee knees (nice) ive had 10 baths brush my 20 times made sure my thoats cler and looking the (dogs) passible, curry house here we come lol
LOL or hows 'bout fish 'n chips Gov. !?!
just had for me dinner, i'm not joking with mushy peas and all for £4.00





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