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Turnoffs in the dating scene are probably the same as turnoffs in social life. However, married people or people in a committed relationship probably can't do anything about the turnoffs they encounter.

So here is the place where you can list those things that would turn you off if encountered in a date or prospective date.

I'll start:

Dirty teeth (never heard of a toothbrush?)
Bad eating manners (A lot of first dates are in a restaurant; ever wonder why they are the last date?)

Your turn:

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Mushy peas. Ah the memories.
The wind, Oh how common of me lol
A day on a calendar lol, and hows Sandra this morning ?
farting and asking for money
Not listening and looking at other women while we are on a date.
Bad hygiene
But my biggest turn off? Men who can't bother to put on some decent clothes to go out - especially when meeting women for the first time. I once had a guy show up in a dirty tee shirt that didn't even fit over his big belly. I have no objections to beefy men - but please wear clothes that fit! :)

Other deal breakers that one might discover after a few dates: homophobia, racists, disinterest in the most pressing issues of our time.
lying and being a slob
complaining about anything
My other girl-friend was cuter than you are.
telling me to paint my toe nails
Bragging that you just had a nice ride on your motorcycle out in 90 degree weather. Stopped by your house to get the truck but did not bother to shower.
being late and drunk
wanting nookie before desert in a resturant that is full to the bring lol, no serious now somebody that's miserable and has no sense of humour is bad for my digestion,




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