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Turnoffs in the dating scene are probably the same as turnoffs in social life. However, married people or people in a committed relationship probably can't do anything about the turnoffs they encounter.

So here is the place where you can list those things that would turn you off if encountered in a date or prospective date.

I'll start:

Dirty teeth (never heard of a toothbrush?)
Bad eating manners (A lot of first dates are in a restaurant; ever wonder why they are the last date?)

Your turn:

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Don't talk with your mouth full.
Bonnie, I agree with darroll. Some people need to have it spelled out for them. If they grew up talking at dinner with food in their mouth, and no one told them it was yukky, then they need to learn here. Thanks darroll.
Turnoffs in the dating scene ? let me think, oh yes woman who use chewing tobacco and partake
a pinch of snuff. (,sorry I could not resist this one )
Make the gal pay the bill.

Men don't forget to wear socks.
and men don't forget to ask her to bring her sister
bad smell.
Complaining about ex.
cheap perfume and bringing the ex
Dressing sloppy, you don't have to dress rich, just respect what you've got.
Wanting a starter over £20,00 ( only joking) it's £10.00
Ahem - Darby, if a starter is that high ~ then you have chosen the wrong restaurant for your budget and your date! It may not be good form for your date to order the most expensive things on the menu, but if one takes a lass to a posh place, one had best expect to be able to pay the tab, regardless of it's cost. No? /;->
Dates who are so chintzy they take you to McDonald's, after telling you to "tart up" (dress up).
Dates who act embarrassed when you argue with the McDonald's help over discount coupon expiration dates.




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