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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TPAM is dead set on having her workload completed by lunch-time today.

'Ello, aggie!!! ;->
TPAM is too big to crawl into the fridge with Pru.
I'm not, look out fridge.

TPAM plants ridiculous suggestions for addled minds to act on....seems to be working. LOL
Perhaps she could interest you in some swampland in the back forty of NING? It ain't goin' anywhere, folks - This is the Internet, where nothing ever really disappears! It's a SURE THING! (IChez just got her broker's license.)

TPAM is 'way too clever to fall for any of that malarkey.

("Malarkey". I gotta go add that to the "Delicious Words" thread.)
TPAM is chock full o' delicious words, and I thank you for that contribution, kind sir.
TPAM is reconsidering paint colors.
TPAM is the guy standing at the curb on the weekend in the gorilla suit, wearing the sandwich board & waving people into that new pizza joint.
TPAM is strangely attracted to men in gorilla uniform...

TPAM isn't using QWERTY.
Right, as usual. I have a zerty.

TPAM dances discreetly in the aisles at the supermarket.
TPAM spends quite a lot of time in the supermarket reading the instructions for egg extenders.
TPAM thinks cooking involves a microwave.




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