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Since the original TPAM went walk about along with its creator, I would like to bring this discussion back to the forum.

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TPAM has been there and done that.

hiya Aggie
TPAM hopes the Royals meet the Red Sox in the playoffs.
TPAM was Sam the Sham in a former life.
TPAM got a lot more sleep last night than I did.
TPAM feels the need to compete about EVERYTHING.
TPAM takes life too seriously.
Yeah. I picked this avatar because I'm too serious...

TPAM will be forgiven, as it's Monday.
TPAM is very forgiving.
TPAM may consider herself fortunate that she meets the criteria.
YEAH, I wonder what he really looks like come to think of it.................

TPAM has spring flowers in her kitchen, well you just seem like the type.
TPAM is leaving on a jet plane.
TPAM is allergic to peanut butter.




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